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Switchrs for our cover story. A warning about hot car dangers.amy back with one family’s close call a Amy, also there is a new tooor it. According to the safety organization kids in cars an average of 37 children die every in hot cars and July is typically the deadliestnth. And this story is a warning. I’m walking by, hea Musi okay, you know, musics sti on, look in the back. There’s ld in the car seat. Reporter: Watch as a byanr fil the urgent efforts toescue two small babies leftnside Thi SUV at a calirnia Walmart parking lot. Say runniut of time. You tell she’s beeneating. How could you D to a baby? Reporter:ice estimating the temperature in thatsuv Tuesday reached a staggg 122 degrees. The witness Kee T camera rolling onacebook live as authorities ve on the scene. Theiother inside saying S was running errands. Momentater she approaches the SUV. This better not be her car. This is her car, y’all. Oh, you’re in trou Reporter: There’s Noe to L two children in a car unoccupying, especially in that type of heat. Thkless an could have stm theirlives. This morning 4-year-old Mr of three crystal Gonzalez out on bail. E children suffering no injuries, Bute released to child tive services. 98.3. Ter: ABC news correspondent B saw how quickly it can turn dangerous. 10 Reporter: This can happen to ody. Thir is on track to be E worst yearver for children dying in hot cars. Repr: Pushing lawmakers to act asking for ars toe built with a child alert system, signalindrivers when a passenger remains in the backseat after a car is turned off. What pe don’t realize how quickly children’s temperature rise. They heat up three fiv typ faster than an Reporter: In the meantime, some pushing for simple solutions like primary Dr hospitaln salt laketyah. Offering all new parents a so-called babyafety ap. It’s a brightellowanyard with a metal clip ins that you store- CLI into the car seat and it’st great visual reminder when you P your child in the car seat you put the lanyard around your , when Y arrive at your you remember there’s a child if you have forgotten. Reporter: Kidsincars.org have simple tips like putting something U won’tge like your cell phone orse in the seat with youhi and then making sure youk B every time befo locking your S. We have covered these stories every ye every time they’retragic and sadly so prevene. Ood thing you have tips out there today. Thanks very much.

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