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where the battle over preside trump’s picor the sure court already in full swing just hours after the president ined his nominee. Here you Feder appeals court Brett kaugh to a prime time audience as protesters and democratic leaders rallied against his choice. A supreme court corrndent Y ran has all the te. Reporter: Good morning. What a show that was last night, right? President trump managing to keep the suspe going at up until the last mtnd in judge brettkavanaugh, the president has chosen a man who is both the epitome O the Washington legal establishment and aru blue loyal foot ldier in so many of the nservative legal causes and partisan Republican battles over the past generation, the demos ve dubbed himhe Forrest gump of Republican politics. He just always has been there. Also a man who 13e79s M of hisareer it seems taking aim at a S on this court to G there, he has to sur the bruising confirmation battle. A dramatic reveal overnight, prest trump the producer in chief breaking INT P time programming toounce judge Brett Kavanaugh as his supreme court pick. There isne in America re qualified for Thi posit and no one more deserving. Reporter: Conservative federal court of appeals J on stage with his praising the president. No president ever consulted more widely or talked with more people from more backgrou to seek input Abo a supreme court nomination. Mr. President, I grateful to you. Reporter: Kavanaugh was born and raised in washiton, D.C. He spent years in the legal TREs for Republican on GE. Bush’s L team in the Florida recount battle. He was on independent counsel Ken aream investigating Bill Clinton but later had secondhoughts about whether prend be subjected to theurf precution and investigation. A judge must be independent and must interpret the la not ke the law. Reporter: The man could swing the balance of the courtfor decades faces aocious confirmation battle in the see. I will keep an open mind in every case and I will always strive preserve the constitution of the united States. Ter: Replicans he a razor thin 51-49 majority while a number of gopenators expected to support Kavanaugh were in attendance last night, the two pro-choiceublican women who could prove to B decisive Vo sator Susan Collins of M and Lisa murkow of Alaska declined eir invitations. And the oion W be fierce. Overnight abon rights defenders rallyin against the esident’s ck outside the supreme court. Democrats and Republicans are just going too everything they’ve got at each other and itll going to come down to hul of senators just fe Republicans, a few dts who are left in this partisan time right in the middle. George. Terry, thanks. More from our legal team, Dan Abrams and Kate Shaw. Weaw the president call Brett kaugmost qualified man in the country. Whr you agree with that or not, he is strain out of central casting a GOP court pick. We als have an extensive paper trail,right? He’s been audge on what is viewed as theond most important federal court in T count in the D.C. Circuit for 12 years, over 300 opinions, and so you’re going to have people Goin through each one of his opinions and mos importantly hissents where he disagreed with the majority on the key issues, like abortion, religious liberty, gunscu power. So we’re going to know a enormous amount already about what kavanau thinks and would do whens — and when he’s confirmed to the court. Kate,hat kavan supporters already believe they know IST he will lock in that conservative majority on the court for a ration. Absolutely. I mean I think on issues L roe vs. Wade which of course is fr and center already in the kind of brewing confirmation fight, I think there’sery strong reason to believe Thate could supply a fifth vote to overturn or at least to narrow thestl protection for abortion that roe vs. Wade first articulated. He wrote a decision year dissenting from the C. Circuit, the fullou ruled for an undocumented teen in U.S. Custodwho wished to obtain an or he ruled against heea from his court ggng at lea that he holds a pretty Narro view of the proton that roe vs. Wade RDS, , you know, this is abstract. We have some written docts on this. He has also spoken publicly about the importance oft’ called stare decisis meaning the previousni there and Terence the ought to believes strongly that, that could Su that he wouldn’t want to overturn roe V. Wade bhis is the sort analysis we’ll see. Senators pressing on that. Kate, Al we expect that vanaugh’s time ont Starr investign is going to come in for real scrutiny especially because of possibleonctions to the Mueller investigation. know, orge, his record on this is mixed and kind of an interest way. He’s participated inn investigation of a sitting prent, obviously, but H has subsequently written things that ggests he’s changed his view about easthe desirability of itigating sitting president ant’s pretty clear I think both fro his academic wrg and his — some of his opinions he holds a quite expansive view of presidential power when it comes to things whether a sitting president N Ed T testif you know, whether self-pardons are a possibility, whether the Mueller appointmen isven constitutional I thinkre clues in judge ugh’s written work that he could be sympathetic to the president’ arguments. Kate Shaw, Dan Abrams, thanks much. George, as the supreme courttt get

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