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with that scary Cal for an Instagram model bn and drag underwater by a nurse shark in theahamas. The whole thing caught on camera. Abc’sevis is here with what happened next. Apptly this would not have been robin. A shark. Katarina zarutskie is like jenight skilled in entrances her followers with exotic posts but this nursitudent found herself surroundedby nursing sharks. She is the glamorous nursing student W is also an igram star sharing with thousands of llfood, fashion and her beautiful photos from around world. But during this side photo shoot in thebahamas,arina Kie decided to pose alongsthool of nurse . A lot of locals that were juyou know, excited a encouraging me towimith them and, you know, I saw itnd I saw it as an Tur for me to — another chance cct with nature. Reporter: That’s W her hopes for a viral snap took a terrifying Tu one O the nurse sharks clamp down on the model’s IST. When het me supposedly it sounded like a big vacuum S sort of sound. Nexthing I kne I was underwater and I fel ts and then pulled M handve my head and I K I couldn’t G my B in the water. When they see bloodhat means food. Adli isicking in Ena I needed to get out of the water. A little public service anment. While nurse sharks are typical nonaggressive and often S away from people occnally ey do bite but zarie is the mend aer itagram is back up and running again. G to know they do bite now. Glad she’s ok She says’do it again too, didn’t A lot of people do this. They’ll G them out and chum the water a little bit. Not for robin. Hmm all ri godess.

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