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It is. we’ll mn to that wild her outwest. Storms led to this F in Phoenix, it destroyed aen grocery store and flooding in mexico. Ginger covering it all. Good mor, ginger. ‘Tis the season because we are in monsoon season which is a shift in the wind and a season thing that happens in the southwest D, yes, that say up in flames. It was reported originally cause of lhtningut we called this morning. R intern Sam actually called was becau of flash flooding causing an electrical re. Want to take you to ouray, Colorado. You keyning into the tree bursting into flames Arizona this is what it looks lik from above when the S turn and you have that monsoon come and then they sit’s the issue with these storms is that T move very slowly. Setup I like that you have that big ridgeith all the gh, hot pressure in the middle of the country and moisture coming in here, als influence from the pacific now andhat’s where we’ll see the storms po up. While we have flash flood watcher much ofexico you can see — sorry, Nevada, parts of New Mexico Colorado.

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