Black bear climb into Georgia woman’s minivan, eats her lunch Video


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Transcript for Black bear climb into woman’s minivan, eats her lunch

Kerry watched loved her lunch bag in the man had a tasty sandwich and it and the bear wasn’t leaving until he made. Terri Wyatt says she had a stow away on her hands I actually set their alarm off several times trying to get amount. It was in her minivan while she was working at a home along lake Burton in raven county. I’ve seen some economic corner of my high enough lives. Margaret Colin I had you know grill living right mayor. That had climbs through the windows which carry kids down on hot days. Kerry left her lunch in the van the bear ate it all up and also tore up one of her kids car seats. State wildlife biologists say bears head vary sensitive noses and can smell a meal from miles away. Experts recommend making lots of noise to scare them off the car alarm didn’t work Kerry tried another method. Hi even took pots and pans and bang them from inside the house trying to make noise to scare him and he just looked at me and stayed in their. Kerry says the bear finally climbed out of the van up the nearby tree. When he was ready. Corey Patterson coming here Peterson channel two action news.

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{“id”:56543882,”title”:”Black bear climb into woman’s minivan, eats her lunch”,”duration”:”1:10″,”description”:”The bear climbed through the minivan’s open windows, according to ABC affiliate WSB-TV.”,”url”:”/US/video/black-bear-climb-georgia-womans-minivan-eats-lunch-56543882″,”section”:”US”,”mediaType”:”default”}

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